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Chickpea Flour Omelette

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

This is a recipe I wrote years ago and it’s often a breakfast staple in my life! Filling, customizable, and delicious. You can watch me make it in my latest recipe video here!

Ingredients (serves 2)

1 cup chickpea flour

1 tablespoon flax seed

2 tablespoons nutritional yeast

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 & 1/4 cups water

1/2 tablespoon oil

Examples/other spices I like to add: garlic/onion powder, pepper, dried dill, smoked paprika, dried chilli flakes, turmeric

Veggies you could add: mushrooms, jalapeño, garlic, broccoli, olives, tomato, spinach, fresh herbs

-Mix dry ingredients together including any optional spices you want to add.

-Add water, mix, and let sit for 10 minutes so the flax thickens the batter a bit.

-Prep whatever veggies you want (or you can do none at all!) and mix them into the batter.

-Heat oil in a large pan on just below medium heat.

-Pour all the batter into the pan and allow it to cook until the top looks mostly dry, around 7-10 minutes.

-Flip the omelette over, turn the heat to medium-low and cook for 5 more minutes. You could also add some vegan cheese at this point so it melts on the omelette!

-Cut in half, share with a loved one (or have it all to yourself), enjoy!


-If you split the batter to make 2 smaller omelettes, they will cook faster! About 6-8 minutes on the first side and 3-4 on the second side.

-Regardless of the times I provided, make sure it is fully cooked because uncooked chickpea flour tastes horrible!!!

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Sam Deetjen
Sam Deetjen
Oct 09, 2020

Oh how awesome!! It’s such a great breakfast. Thanks for enjoying my recipe :)


Oct 06, 2020

These are amazing. My 1 year old likes eating them as well so its a common breakfast around here ! Thanks for the great recipe !

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