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Hey everyone! My name's Sam aka Hemp Vegan Love. I'm a vegan and gluten-free recipe creator and food photographer, as well as a 2x Hot For Food cookbook recipe tester!


I went vegan in April 2013 and hardly knew how to cook. I turned it into my mission to teach myself and 7 years later, I'm still learning and improving. I want to share my knowledge and I want delicious, vegan recipes to be easy to find!

I've been sharing recipes for years on my Instagram page as well as YouTube. But I just wanted a place for all of my free recipes to be organized. I've also written a couple recipe ebooks, which you can find here. One of them is a Halloween party one. I'm a huge halloween/horror fan, so you'll definitely see some of that influence in my work!

Thank you for checking out my blog and thank you for your support!

-Sam xoxo

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